Financial Report


At Page Care Services, we can provide a full written report on how loved ones might afford the upfront (Refundable Accommodation Deposit – RAD) and ongoing fees – Daily Accommodation Payment, Daily Care Fee, Means Tested Care Fee and Extra/Additional Service Fees, where applicable.

In this Strategy Paper we may consider thing such as –

  • should the family home be sold, rented or retained?
  • Do we need to consider the requirements of a protected person living in the family home?
  • What about an Aged Care Loan or an interest free family loan?
  • Would you pay a full RAD or partial RAD with the remaining RAD paid as a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)?
  • How would you pay this DAP?
  • What is your likely Means Tested Care Fee? – We will provide an estimate.

In your Strategy Paper, we will endeavour to provide 3 – 5 options, where appropriate, to enable you and your family to make an informed decision.

How will these options impact on your loved one’s DVA or Age Pension entitlements?

We can simplify the complicated.